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Expert and Comprehensive Procurement Services

Procurement Consultation: Expert guidance and consultation for mid-tier to higher-end properties on procurement strategies, vendor selection, and cost optimization.

Boutique Procurement Solutions: Tailored sourcing services for high-quality boutique establishments, providing unique and exclusive products that match the property's theme and brand.

Personalized Sourcing: Customized procurement options that cater to the specific needs and preferences of each client, ensuring a tailored and efficient procurement experience.

1-on-1 Procurement Support: Dedicated and personalized support throughout the procurement process, offering individual attention to clients for a smooth and successful procurement journey.

Quality Assurance: Thorough inspections and quality checks to maintain the highest standards of products and services procured for the properties.

Hospitality Procurement: Specialized procurement solutions for the hospitality industry, including hotels, resorts, and restaurants, to enhance guest experiences and meet industry-specific needs.

Gaming/Casino Procurement: Procurement services designed for gaming and casino establishments, sourcing gaming equipment and furnishings for an engaging and immersive environment.

Vendor Management: Expert management of vendor relationships, negotiations, and contracts to ensure a seamless procurement process.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Solutions: Offering eco-conscious procurement options and promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly products to align with green practices and values.

What Sets Us Apart?

A Boutique Approach to Distinctive Service

In a landscape filled with FF&E and OS&E procurement companies, Procurement Project Management Group (PPMG) sets itself apart with a unique and effective business model, unwavering commitment to transparency, honesty, and an unwavering focus on our clients.

As a boutique procurement firm, we understand the needs of busy clients with time constraints, and we pride ourselves on providing white-glove service, offering quick solutions and attentive support. With a tightly-knit team boasting over 35 years of experience, specializing in boutique and soft brand hotels, you can trust that our project managers are seasoned professionals.

At PPMG, quality is at the core of our work, and we ensure the success of each project by dedicating senior-level staff to oversee every aspect. Regardless of the project's size, we distinguish ourselves through our mindset, approach, and day-to-day business management, making us the exceptional choice for your procurement needs.

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